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Your 2015 Marketing Plan made easy

18 November, 2014


Your Marketing Plan doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be a simple strategic one pager that you can use regularly, adding and expanding to it as you go. Sound more like it?

Let’s capture all this, your marketing goals, the how’s and the to do’s on one page. But first, here’s what we need to include.


1. Identify your Perfect Customer.

Who are you meant to serve? (hint, it’s not everyone and the more specific the better). Nailing your target market in the beginning will help guide you in ALL your decision making going forward, from the type of offers you create to your branding to what you write in your newsletters.  It’s more than just demographics, you literally need to know what keeps them awake at night.


2. Set your Marketing Goals

The key is to be specific here. A goal to ‘increase sales’ is ineffective, whereas a goal to increase sales of x and y by 20% in the first quarter is measurable and more targeted, keeping you on track. Pick a few goals and stick to these, too many and you’ll be overwhelmed. Have quarterly and even monthly goals as well as a long term annual goal.


3. Select your Marketing Tools

What marketing mediums work for you and will help you reach your goal? Be sure to pick platforms that resonate with you and your audience. There’s no point in hanging out on Facebook if your tribe are on LinkedIn. Find the blogs, magazines, online forums, events and venues your audience are present in and interact there.


4. Refine Your Message to your customers

What differentiates you from your competitors and why should your clients choose to work with you? What tangible benefits and results can you deliver? Pick your point of difference, your USP (unique selling proposition) and incorporate this into your message.


5. Choose your Strategies and Actions

Your strategies are ‘the how’s, the broader strokes on how you plan to achieve your goals. Your Actions are the detailed ‘to Do’s’ and specifics that will get you there.

So for example, a wedding photographer has a marketing goal to launch a new online workshop in June. A Strategy to achieve this is build awareness through guest blogging on lifesytle, wedding and family orientated websites. Actions to make this happen include choosing a blog topic related to the program, drafting a couple of formats for guest blogs, pitching to relevant editors and following up, within a certain timeframe.


6. Set your Budget

Each marketing goal should have a cost associated, a timeframe and the person responsible for the action. You can adjust these projections as you go (and hopefully they don’t go up too much!) but the point here is to get a figure for each activity down on the page.


That wasn’t a novel now was it? Keep it simple, relevant and above all useful. Have fun with yours. Go!

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