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5 Common Personal Branding Mistakes To Avoid

12 February, 2018


Have you given much thought lately to your Personal Branding and how it might be holding you back in your business?

You’ve likely been ‘putting yourself out there’ for a while now. Logo and your business cards, tick. Website. Tick. Social media activity. Tick. And it’s game on. But guess what? Everyone else is doing that too. And it’s a very crowded, noisy marketplace out there. So, how do YOU stand out?

Your personal brand is your super power. It’s so much more than a logo. It’s your voice, your style, your message. And as Jeff Bezos says, ‘It’s what people say about you when you leave the room.’

There are some common Personal Branding mistakes that could be holding you back, losing you valuable clients and income. By avoiding these mistakes, you can fast-track creating a personal brand that has your name all over it. Here are five you can address right now.

Mistake #1
Unclear Communicating Your Purpose

Sure you know what your purpose is but are you communicating it effectively? Is it clear from your work what’s really important to you and what problem you solve for your clients?

Tip. What do you want to be known for? Pick your subject matter and stick to what you do best. Develop your Signature Offer or Program and build from there.

Mistake #2
Nowhere to be Seen In Real Life

It can be so easy to forget to get offline as you build your online empire. I have certainly been guilty of this one at times! But there’s nothing like meeting people face to face for real connection and lasting relationship building.

Tip. Don’t forget your in-person presence as well as your online presence. Face to face connection will do way more for your business than any Facebook or Instagram post will.

Mistake #3
Letting your Personal Brand Evolve Organically

Organic growth is good, right? But thinking that your Personal Brand will simply evolve organically is dangerous.  That’s like letting a complete stranger write your bio and choose how you will be perceived online. Things outdate very fast so keep it fresh and current, reflecting where you are now in your business.

Tip: Shape your reputation and take control of how you want to be perceived, both online and offline.

Mistake #4
Losing Your Story

You know already that being authentic in your communication is key but this can be tricky to maintain with scheduling apps and automation. Plus it takes time and commitment to show up and be the real you.

Tip. Stay true to you by showing some of your vulnerabilities and being a little more ad hoc ‘in the moment’ with your online activity.

Mistake #5
Being Just Another Vanilla

With saturation online comes a lot of the samey-samey. Something that works is hard to ignore, so it can be easier to ‘adopt’ another voice or style, rather than risk voicing our own.

Tip.This world needs more ‘weird’ and in the words of Seth Godin…’find your own kind of weird’ then incorporate THAT into your Personal Brand.


Avoid these mistakes and your Personal Brand will certainly be more reflective of what you want it to be. All the authentic and best parts of YOU.

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Remember, your personal brand IS your superpower in business, so take control of it. Or someone else will.

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