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7 Steps To A Signature System That Sells

4 February, 2016

The one thing that successful mentors, leaders and public figures have in common is that they are known for their thing. They may do several things but they are originally known for their one program or product and how they deliver it. They have a Signature System that sells.

Your Signature System let’s clients know what you do. It’s your marketing on autopilot. It’s your process packaged into specific steps, designed to lead to a specific outcome.

Your Signature System helps your clients understand how you can help them and the results you deliver.

There are several key ingredients that make up a winning signature offer. Here are 7 essential ones to include in your Signature System.


1  Clients value Outcome much more than time. Focus on the outcome, the solution more than how you get there.

Action: What’s the desired outcome of your signature offer?


2  People buy How To’s and a Step-by-Step path to getting what they want and finding a solution to their problem. Make it easy and offer a step by step system that delivers clear outcomes.

Action: What are the How To’s and Steps your clients take and what is the outcome of each?


3  Personal Attention is what people invest in. Incorporate this into your system especially if you want to attract high paying clients.

Action: What differentiates your system and how do you incorporate personal attention for clients? Perhaps through group formats, or limited premium high end one to one.


4  Speed brings action, momentum and results. Clients are time poor and want the fastest route possible to their solution.

Action: How can you structure your offer to maximize the outcome and minimize the time it requires?


5  Mini Outcomes for each step, process or module create small wins and keep the client motivated towards reaching the end goal.

Action: What small wins and mini outcomes can you create within your process to keep your client on track?


6  Content creation is key. But be careful. Don’t be tempted to cram too much content into your program. It leads to client overwhelm and inaction. In this case, less is more.

Action: Go through all your processes asking if each step really needs to be there. Perhaps some need to be taken out or combined?


7  Clear Titles that explain the result are essential. Whether it’s naming your program or simply one of the steps or processes, keep the language basic. Now is not the time for cute and clever.

Action: What titles can you change or enhance to make them more benefit-rich?


If you work through these steps (see what I did there?) your Signature System will be well on it’s way to making more impact for you and those you serve.

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