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90 Day One on One Coaching Program

private mentorship for deep transformational change to fast track your success.

Are you ready to put more of the ‘style’ in your lifestyle business?

If you’re over playing small, tired of spinning on your wheels and getting nowhere, then this is for you.

Get ready to rise, make your mark and catapult your business!

Introducing my signature 90 Day one on one high-level transformational coaching for your business.

A private coaching program that gives you all the structures, systems and support you need to skyrocket your business.


Your 90 Day One on One Coaching program includes:
:: 90 Day structured coaching package, customised to suit your requirements and get you the best results.

:: 12 private one on one coaching sessions (45mins via Skype) with me for transformative results.

:: Email access and support over the duration of your program, to ensure you’re supported and guided every step of the way.

:: A comprehensive Welcome Pack to complete that helps us get clear on what your goals and what you want to achieve.

:: My essential Resource Library of guides, templates and go-to’s to help keep you on track and hitting your goals.


Questions? Book your Free Discovery Call with Helen to learn more and see if the 90 Day Program is right for you. 




Here’s what your 90 Day personalised program includes.


  • Bring visibility into your personal brand and tap into your true zone of genius.
  • Capture what really sets you apart and how to leverage this.
  • Establish yourself as the expert in your field



  • Identify who you are meant to work with and where you can find them
  • Grow your list and build relationships with your future clients



  • Perfect your online presence with a tailored 90 Day Marketing Plan that speaks to your perfect customer.
  • Website and Social Media critique to help you shine.



  • No more tough masculine, hard sell that feels ick. Step into your glorious feminine power. Heartfelt and helpful. Sales that feels, wow, pretty awesome actually!
  • Sales pages, sales funnels and sales conversations that deliver.



  • Package and present your offerings in a way your clients find irresistible.
  • Price your services like a pro and stop over delivering and undervaluing (at once!).
  • Map out your services with a clear growth plan for each offer



  • Kick self-doubt and sabotage to the kerb and welcome a confident healthy headspace.
  • Tools and strategies to keep you focused, empowered and on track.



  • Wealth consciousness to take you out of your money story and old limiting beliefs and into attracting abundance
  • Financial desires and goal setting to make them a reality



“I had seen Helen speaking at a number of events and was impressed with her in depth knowledge of marketing.

Wow. Helen came over to our office and her ideas ideas were nothing short of amazing! She got us straight away. We quickly integrated her initial ideas into our business and have been working with Helen ever since.

We have recently run our first seminar which we would never have done without Helen’s support and guidance. This has been amazing for our profile.

I would strongly recommend Helen if you need to get really moving on marketing and marketing strategy.”

Christine Marr, Founder & Director of Bookssorted

“Helen is exceptional at bringing fuzzy thoughts and ideas into clear, focused reality.

For 16 years I worked with clients one to one, performing the same tasks over and over. I knew there had to be a better way to serve more people.
With Helen’s grace and intuitive understanding, she was able to determine my authentic self and my gifts that I did not know how to share with the world. Together we created a program that I now leverage to bring security and peace of mind regarding all things money to entrepreneurs.
My advice to anyone who wants to uncover and uplevel your business by serving with clarity and from the heart is to work with Helen. She will be your biggest asset. She is nurturing, knowledgeable, and with a business savvy that is second to none!”
~ Linda Brown, Money Mentor and Founder Spire Business

“Working with Helen, I had a new fresh perspective on my business from someone who has seen it all before. It opened my eyes to new possibilities and new ways of doing things.
Her coaching has fast-tracked my businesses and it has allowed me to learn from an expert, rather than learning from my own mistakes. 
My business has become so much more streamlined. Now I am clear about what I want and what I need to do to get there. Working with Helen gave me practical, real-life, hands-on guidelines to progress my business. I feel that I have worked hard and strategised with an expert so I am no longer doubting myself or my decisions.
It really is the best investment you can make in your business, to have an expert come in and have an objective opinion about everything. It saves you time, money and most of all.. stress! I couldn’t recommend Helen highly enough. She is practical, efficient, smart and holds you accountable in a gentle way.”
~ Kady O’ Connell Brand Specialist & Founder of Kady Creative and Kady’s Kitchen

“Before we began working together I needed help creating a Signature Offer for my coaching clients. I wanted to create something that they would find irresistible and would catapult them into the abundant life they desired.
Through our work together, I was able to get crystal clear on my brand, my ICA and create an amazing signature offer that I cannot wait to share with the world! I feel like I have achieved an incredible amount and for the first time feel really aligned with exactly what I am offering.
Helen is an amazing coach! She has an incredible talent for helping people market their skills and expertise! She is knowledgeable, supportive and incredibly giving.”


~ Juliette Kristine, Intuitive Guide & Coach, Juliette Kristine




“My goals started to come to life. Helen cracked me open to my best working potential.

Being a solo business owner can be isolating and it was wonderful to have Helen by my side to be a sounding board for all my ideas. As my business coach, Helen understood me and my vision and I was also accountable to her. This work isn’t easy. Helen assisted me to be really clear about my goals and vision in business and brought clarity to what my signature offers look like, to best serve my clients.


Helen is a systems woman! I love how organised and professional Helen is. When it’s your business, your baby, you want to make sure that you are working with a passionate business woman who truly cares about your business as much as you do.”

~ Amy Erbacher, Holistic Practitioner and Coach at Amy Erbacher Lifestyle




“I could not do it alone without a mentor whom I can connect with to guide me on this path.

Helen had helped me see my business with a different set of eyes. I know how to pull myself out from challenging situations a lot faster than normal. With that I saw business growth as well as a personal growth.

I made my first & highest ever sale in the last 2.5 years! My client bought my $1,500 package!

It was such a pleasure to work with Helen. When it comes to choosing a business mentor, I personally would choose someone who sees ‘YOU’ and your business, someone whom you can build a long trusting relationship with and someone who has a fresh pair of eyes with years of experiences! That’s Helen!
~ Dewinta Dandot Photography


“Helen helps you express your business with total confidence and makes your product sound amazing; none of the holding back or resisting that you would find trying to express it by yourself.

She works fast, is responsive and from the beginning got what I was trying to achieve in my business. She completely met my expectations.”


~ Siobhan Palmer, Dinner Rush


NathanDFitness“Before working with Helen we were struggling to market our products and attract new clients. We needed a new brand and a fresh new look.
Helen approached our predicament with ease and professionalism. She helped us rebrand, repackage and essentially attract more clients.
She provided a perspective that we had not thought about. As a result of our time with Helen,we have increased our client base and really started to build and market our products to ensure that they are long-standing products.
Without Helen’s expertise we would not in the great position we are currently in. I totally recommend working with Helen!”

~ Nathan Hitchcock, Define Fitness



My signature 90 day one on one business coaching is for you if:

:: You’re ready to work smarter not harder to get your business ‘unstuck’ but need guidance and expertise to get you there.

:: You want more clarity on your signature offering and business model so you can confidently start attracting more dream clients today.

:: You’re ready to switch from surviving to thriving mode, giving you that freedom in business and life you deserve.

:: You’re here because you want to earn more in your business but you also realise you need to invest in that growth. Getting the support, systems and know how now will fast track you to where you want to go.


My signature 90 day one on one business coaching is not for you if:

:: You don’t have a business idea yet.

:: You’re not committed to change or implementing new strategies for your business.

:: You don’t need accountability or support that’s results focused and ensures things get done!

:: You’re happy to keep doing the same old thing, play it safe, wishing and hoping for change.


Are you Ready to shift gears, create more freedom and abundance and finally start living a life you love?


Questions? Book your Free Discovery Call with Helen to learn more and see if the 90 Day Program is right for you.



This is me in your pocket for 90 Days, supporting you all the way. I like to make it personal, you know, with real live conversations. I’m kinda traditional like that.

And I didn’t get here without having my own coaches on my side either. I continue to do so too. Investing in yourself is the one thing you cannot sacrifice for success. Yes, you want to do it your way (you’re an entrepreneur!) but you can’t do it all on your own.




“Helen has a unique and fresh way of approaching business and sales. I’ve been inspired to think outside the box, with some new approaches that don’t seem so daunting!

Helen listens to your business needs and suggests practical and useful solutions. This inspiration has also given me renewed confidence in marketing my business. She has a big heart!”

~ Virginia Wells, Get Well Sorted


KatePamphilon“Right from the start, Helen understood where I was coming from. With a compassionate and intuitive heart and a savvy mind, Helen threw my thinking out of the box from constriction to expansion and possibility. I had resources of all kinds from Helen to continue my learning. I felt comfortable sharing my struggles with Helen and she gave me tools to work through them.

Helen’s expertise has meant that my valuable time has been spent expanding my business in a way that is authentic to me and my vision. I’m about to launch and I know that Helen’s right there with me, her words of encouragement echoig in my mind. “

~ Kate Pamphilon, Kinesiologist, Author, Complementary Medicine Practitioner at Holistic By Nature