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It’s time to turn ‘doing what you love’ into ‘make money doing what you love.’

Hey there, I’m Helen, business growth strategist and success coach for extraordinary entrepreneurs. I help passionate go getters like you build a business that thrives, from the inside out.

No more playing small, playing safe. Where has that got you? Unsure if you’re an expert, over delivering and underpricing.


I get that, I was there. It’s time to own it. The value of YOU and the great work you do. It’s time to create massive shifts in your mindset and how you present and package your expertise. And finally reach that financial freedom that allows you to live the life you deserve.

So where did I come from?

My journey has taken me from corporate high-flyer to burnout to full time mama, to hobbyist, and finally to business mentor helping entrepreneurs and business owners go from ordinary to extraordinary.


Helping You Conquer Your Dreams Fuels Mine.

I hail from Ireland and now live in Australia with my celtic man, two gorgeous girls and Aussi dog. I help the most go-getting creators from all over the world make money doing what they love. And I get to enjoy the family life I always dreamed of. We travel, we trek and we trailblaze.

No two days are the same, and I love that. It’s how I designed it.

But it wasn’t always like this.

I completed my Bachelor of Business Studies in Ireland and France and honed my marketing and business development skills with some of the worlds biggest brands like Coca Cola, Nivea, Colgate Palmolive and Kao Brands. I loved it all, the fast pace, the launches, the European travel, the million dollars campaigns.

Many business attempts later and a move to the other side of the world, to Australia, I started to create the life I desired.

I’m passionate about living a life and having a business with purpose. And helping you do that too.


: : I help you step out of overwhelm and into inspired action. It’s time to get unstuck and shift from surviving to thriving.

: : I tap into the heartbeat of your business, YOU. No more hiding, playing small. Embrace it, show up and be visible.

: : I teach you how to package and deliver real value to your audience so that they find your offers irresistible.

Start here.

It’s time to get back to why you started your business in the first place. Freedom, flexibility and financial abundance. And Fun!


Be Extraordinary!




Helen is a Marketer, Business Coach, Writer and Speaker. She has over twenty years experience with leading global brands like Coca Cola, Colgate Palmolive, Nivea and Kao Brands, in senior management positions in marketing, sales and business development.

Helen now helps the new wave of conscious entrepreneurs around the world to cultivate joy, connection, and abundance in their business and life. She helps you build a thriving business that sustains the lifestyle you desire, through workshops, private coaching and group programs.

Helen is also passionate about empowering our youth, in particular teen girls, to think creatively and critically about media marketing and is an accredited Professional Learning provider in Media Literacy. Her book GirlTribes helps teen girls not just survive but thrive in their online world.

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Hey, you’ve got this far, awesome! Here’s some more random tidbits.


>> I was infatuated with France as a young girl and at 13 yrs of age declared to my mum I was going to participate in a French student exchange. Tick.
>> I have a slight stationery obsession. I collected it as a kid, we called it ‘fancy paper.’
>> I speak Irish with my husband when we don’t want our girls to understand our conversation – very handy!
>> I represented Ireland in the European Youth Olympics in athletics and had to undergo a drug test. Bottle, pee, what?!
>> I love to lose myself in the kitchen and cook way too much food for everyone. Irish. Big families. What can I say.
>> The name Helen has origins to Greece and means Shining Light. The Bright One. See, I told you I could light the way!
>> I love being active, the wonderful outdoors and anything whole – wholefoods, wholesomeness, wholehearted and a whole lot more!


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