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How to Find more Clients and Boost your Sales

8 January, 2015


There’s nothing like a boost in sales to kick off the New Year. Finding more of your right type of clients doesn’t have to be that hard. There are so many platforms and lead generation ideas to help you find more clients.

Here’s 8 of my most successful, tried and tested lead generation ideas.

1. Email Marketing

Your email list is of course your cherished community. They are the ones who have chosen to follow you and are actively interested in what you offer. Create exclusive offers for your list, offer early bird access to your programs and serve up your best content.

Generate a separate Follow Up campaign with previous customers, it’s easier to serve existing clients (or those that were not ready to buy from you in the past) than it is to find new ones.


 2. Networking and Community Events

Even if you’re an introvert, there are ways this can work for you. There are so many new opportunities and formats to meet and connect with like-minded people. And not an elevator pitch in sight!

The League of Extraordinary Women, is an example of women rocking it in business and life who come to connect, share and inspire each other. Aside from traditional business groups, try something new like a running group, yoga classes, book clubs or whatever takes your fancy. Meeting new people brings new conversations and new opportunities.


3. Speaking Opportunities

Are you an expert in what you do? If so, others want to hear about it! Your next Ted ex may be off in the not so distant future but if you’re new to speaking, start local. Colleges and schools, community groups, business groups and any live events where people will listen to you.

This is more about building your credibility and confidence as an expert rather than finding your perfect customer in the audience. Inspire and educate and from there new possibilities are created.


4. Social Media Presence

So you’re on social media but are you actively on there, as a business owner and an expert? We all know how much of a time sucker Facebook can be. Instead of surfing and skimming why not schedule a fifteen minute window every day to comment and offer advice in your groups and forums. That includes Linked In, Twitter and Pinterest, if they’re relevant to your audience.

Post and share details of your latest blog, events, webinars, training calls etc. Using the platforms to communicate and build relationships yes, but don’t forget to be present as a professional too.


5. Host Workshops and Events

There’s nothing like that in person connection, that real life aspect to business. Often sitting behind a computer or connecting with clients via skype and email we can feel remote and isolated. What could you plan and host that would excite you and your audience?

Offer your services in bit sized format so a half day or full day workshop with key actionables. You could even do morning session. Make if fun, interactive and at the end offer opportunites to work with you.


6. Strategic Partnerships

Partnering with other complimentary businesses can be a great way to mutually build your list and market presence. You get access to a greater audience and the audience gets access to double the resources. So for example, if you’re a health coach and you work with a business coach your audience gets the added value of the holistic wellness blended with business savvy. It’s a win win situation.


7. Facebook Advertising

Some love it, some don’t. If you haven’t tried maybe it’s time to give it a go. Facebook just happen to have thee most targeted customer profiles in the marketplace right now. They’re watching you, whether you like it or not.

With Facebook advertising you have an opportunity to delver your message into the hands (literally) of your perfect customer. These are the people that are interested in and need what you have to offer. Now where else would you get that kind of attention, whilst you go have a coffee or a nap?


8. Including a Call to Action

Ads and emails and pretty pictures are great. But are you asking your audience to take the next step? To sign up, to like or share, to email, to purchase? It may even be a request to implement what you’ve recommended in your blog. Your are you asking your reader to do?

Depending on what stage your customer is at in your sales funnel, you need to make it really clear what you’d like them to do next. We can often forget this. We try to say too much and end up confusing the reader. Less is more and a clear concise call to action will reinforce your message.


It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) these lead generation ideas come with some conditions. It’s essential you’re presenting your offer to the relevant audience,  offering a solution to their pain point and delivering real value.

Are you missing out on implementing any of these strategies? Try one you haven’t used before and start seeing some new leads and more clients in your business today!


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