Media Literacy Workshops

Interactive workshops, delivering insights, skills and strategies to help teachers support teen girls to successfully navigate their media-marketing world.


A combination of latest research and trends, backed with relevant industry experience, this TQI Accredited Training takes a fresh look at how to best navigate the online ‘always connected’ world of our teen girls.


This TQI Accredited PD will provide teachers with:


:: Completion of the 5 hours required accredited TQI PD.

:: Tools and techniques to promote student resilience and positive social behavior towards media marketing.

:: Resources to manage the current challenges media creates for girls self-esteem, helping build their critical thinking and confidence.

:: Insights to help build students emotional intelligence competencies and manage the impact of negative media messages effectively.

:: A renewed sense of purpose and understanding for educators on how teen girls can not just survive, but thrive in their media world.


Incorporating a powerful combination of proven strategies, real-life case studies, the latest research findings and fresh content from the actionable book, GirlTribes.

Delivered in Helen’s unique style, these workshops are dynamic and impactful.


PLUS you’ll receive take-away materials for both students and teachers, to facilitate sessions in class on specific topics. With a clear class outline you can generate student discussion and spark creative critical thinking and problem solving on all the key topics covered in the program.


“Thank you for such an engaging and powerful PD. It is wonderful to see the challenges that you put forward that will assist our girls growing up through this media focused world.

I have downloaded the Action Kit and it looks amazing!”

~ Heather Mutton, Gungahlin College



“The whole program is really useful, especially the videos and the analysis of the words used. I will think more critically now too, especially about how advertising reinforces gender stereotypes.

I would recommend this workshop, it’s worth it!”

~ Mark, Canberra Girls Grammar School

“I found this PD very thorough and engaging with great resources and links.

The course was easy to navigate. It is constructed so that it can be completed easily in a few small chunks or just as easily on one sitting.

This is an essential course for anyone teaching teen or tween girls.”

~ Mel Colquhoun


“This PD provides teachers with immediate conversation starters for developing enhanced

self-esteem and self-awareness for young people in your care.

It was easy to navigate and things were clearly set out.”

~ Rohan Langford, Saint Clare’s College



Never completed your PL online before? 

No worries. This program offers the best of both worlds. The convenience of taking the program in a time and place that suits you plus the ability to connect with a real person, if you have questions or need further support.

Don’t take our word for it though. Here’s what others are saying.


“I would recommend this Media Literacy online program to fellow teachers. Your approach was interesting, measured and very easy to consume.
This is my first attempt at TQI online PL. On three occasions I needed to contact you and on three occasions you replied promptly to my questions. I really appreciated that and it taught me to trust the system.”
~ Julie Jarman


“I loved your easy going manner and the encouragement you offered to so many opinions.

Teachers, you will learn and enrich your understanding about media marketing and the effects on teen girls”

~Teacher, Canberra Girls Grammar School


“The best part for me is being able to pass on the psychology behind advertising and the way advertisements make young girls feel.  I am now confident to talk with students about emotional intelligence and how social media and marketing might be making them feel.

The content aligns with current Australian Curriculum and the take-away presentation is very useful, I can use it with my class with minimal editing. This was fantastic as I didn’t have to do any extra work. I could take what I had learnt and apply it.”

~ Anna Stincic, St Jude’s


Online and In-Person live workshops both available. Workshops can be tailored to individual school requirements.

Please get in touch to enquire further and learn how Media Literacy can empower you and your students.


Ready to explore the Online PD Media Literacy Program? Click Here.



“I absolutely loved this PD. Thank you very much for creating it. I found it very interesting and easy to complete at home in my own time.”

Elizabeth Gregory


“I’ve just finished the Media Marketing course.  Thank you so much – it was so interesting (even though one of the advertisements made me so angry). Thanks again for your course.”

~ Angela Writer


“A fascinating delve into something I had not really considered. Thank you Helen.”

~ Theresa Roberts, Canberra Girls Grammar School


“I found the course interesting, thanks for putting it together. I’d like to use some of the stereotypes in advertising examples for my Year 11 Business class when they study marketing.”

~ Louise Evan, Canberra Girls Grammar School


“Thank you for your excellent PD, I really enjoyed it. The unit certainly got me thinking lots. I actually teach in the UK but every year come over to Oz to see my sister and occasionally do a bit of teaching here too, which is why I needed to do your course in order to maintain my TQI registration. I will certainly be using the course to help inform the girls at my school.”

Celia Peck, teacher in UK and Australia

Teachers and Educators, help support teen girls to think independently, become media literate and make informed smart decisions.

 About Your Facilitator



Helen Roe is a leading authority on marketing with over 20 years’ experience managing global brands to market success.

She helps women around the world grow their business through authentic connection and engagement. Also a certified life and business coach, Helen is passionate about empowering our youth, in particular teen girls, to think creatively and critically about media marketing, build strong personal values and feel confident in their choices. Her book GirlTribes was published in August 2016.

From Ireland, Helen now lives in Canberra, Australia, with her husband, two daughters and their dog.



What Others Are Saying


Empowering resources such as GirlTribes, is a wonderful tool to help young women redefine how they perceive their own body image, and encourages them to challenge what they see in the media.

This book is a must read for every young girl because the sooner we can develop positive self-acceptance and self-esteem, the sooner we can create a culture shift within our society and lay foundations for women to feel confident in their skin.

Jessica Smith Paralympian, Speaker, Author


Helen is taking the lead and showing young women (and women of all ages really!) how to develop a positive outlook on life and accept ourselves for exactly who we are. 
When we love ourselves so big and allow ourselves to shine bright, we give permission to others to do the same… and Helen is at the forefront of this revolution. A must read!
Emma and Carla Papas The MerryMaker Sisters


As a teenager I was obsessed with the brands I would wear. I didn’t care what the item of clothing/accessory looked like as long as it had that little piece of embroidery somewhere, clearly visible to everyone so they would know I was cool.

GirlTribes is great for showing how the marketing world works and offers interesting insights and activities for young girls to help maintain their unique sense of self during and beyond adolescence. 

I wish I’d had this book when I was fifteen!

Roz Campbell Tsuno Founder   lucysugerman

We are completely saturated in marketing. Young teenagers like myself most likely can’t remember life without being affected by it.

This is why GirlTribes is a book I think all young girls should read, to help them educate themselves on the marketing world and how to deal with it, and instil self-acceptance and love for themselves.

Lucy Sugerman Student, Musician,TedX Speaker