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Power Hour Marketing Plan 2019 Sessions


There’s no avoiding it. This time of year is jam packed with great advice and tools on how to make next year your best yet.

I bet you’ve even downloaded some great pdfs and worksheets. And you plan on getting around to completing those later. Right?

I’ve been guilty of this. Somehow I just never got ’round to working through them. I put it down to time but really I needed that something extra. That second set of eyes. Those ‘have you thought of this’ or ‘wait up, you can go bigger than that’ challenging observations.

Enter The Power Hour Marketing Plan 2019. I’ve created these sessions out of a need to simplify. From award winning entrepreneurs to government agencies to not for profit organisations, these are some of the these tools I use.  And now I package it all into The Power Hour Sessions. For you.


In The Power Hour we create your 2019 marketing plan.


An ‘oh my! you know me so well’ plan to capture your potential.


And the necessary steps to get you there.



There’s been so many times I’ve wanted someone to literally TELL ME WHAT TO DO.


And then I go searching and find that mentor. And sign up for 3 month programs and yes, year long programs. And they’ve all really helped.

But what if you need a shorter, focused session with a mentor that has the knowledge and experience to just get to the point? A session with a mentor that gets you and your business (my intuition never lets me down) and helps you create a rocking plan. That has your name all over it. That’s what you get in The Power Hour.



Power Hour Marketing Plan 2019 Session



In Your Power Hour Session we will

>> Reach into your busy brain of big ideas and create a content strategy to compliment that. And make it happen.


>> Identify and map marketing activities to keep you in your own lane and focus on the direction you want to go, saving you time and hassle.


>> Create steps to amplify your voice and get you excited to share your work comfortably with your audience.


>> Deliver a solid hold in your hand copy (or digital, whichever you prefer) step by step plan of what your 2019 marketing looks like. And when it all happens.




When you invest in your Power Hour, your receive an abundance of bonuses.

Let me ask you…

How would it feel to have all THAT covered for your biz? Whilst you write your Christmas list and check it twice.

You not only get the strategy, you get expert mentoring for your business. All in alignment with your potential and your true purpose. You ready?



Why such great value for just one single session?

Yes I did question this myself, briefly. But with the new year ahead I get that you may not want to jump into a new coaching program right now, committing more money and time. So The Power Hour Session is your solution. Plus I’m excited to make this offer as accessible to as many business owners as possible.

How and when do the sessions take place?

The Power Hour Session is a 60 mins private one to one coaching session online, via zoom. Once you register you can select an available time slot in either December or January for your session. You will receive some pre session preparation work so we can dive straight in during our time together.

Will I get notes or a recording of the session?

Yes you do! You will get your completed marketing plan outline which you can implement and update as your business grows in 2019. Plus you get a recording of the call so you can refer back to sections you may want to hear again and note specific details.

So I get my whole Marketing Plan done for me?

Yes! Based on where your business is at and what activities are appropriate you will receive a plan of action for 2019. It’s your map to get the word out for your business but of course you get to choose the exact direction. Your map offers suggestions and best routes to get there.

How much is the Power Hour Session?

A single Power Hour Session is only AUD $249 ex GST. Your session is packed with valuable tools, strategies and next steps for you to take in 2019. OK, you can breathe now. It’s that easy.

What happens when I click the Sign Me Up or Register buttons?

You are taken to a paypal page where you can purchase your session to secure your spot. Once you have registered, you will be redirected to a welcome page with all the details on what to do next. Remember sessions are running in December and January so if the silly season is looking a tad busy then gift yourself the reassurance that you have it covered and book in for Jan.

Will the Power Hour cover my Social Media Content Plan?

Whilst social media will form part of your Marketing Plan (unless you choose otherwise), your brand and contents’ strategic direction will be covered. This is not social media 101 and if you are looking for analytics, insights, content, scheduling, Facebook and Instagram ads etc this is not the session for you. Personally I recommend you do that work after the Power Hour, when you have your big picture, clear next steps, marketing strategy:)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

To help make the decision even easier for you I offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If for some reason, you are not satisfied (sad face, not going to happen don’t worry) then you can request a refund.

Refunds are not offered for change of mind, and are available within the first 5 days of your session date only, with proof of session participation and exercise completion.

so what are you waiting for?


Helen Roe is a Business Growth Strategist and Success Coach for mission-driven entrepreneurs who want to lead an extraordinary life, doing work they love. She helps mentors, consultants and service professionals price, package and present their services to generate lasting presence and profit.

Helen has over twenty years international marketing management and business development experience with global brands.

She now incorporates these A-list strategies helping the new wave of conscious women entrepreneurs around the world to cultivate success and abundance in their business and life. Along with entrepreneurs, Helen also works with government agencies, various corporate clients and not-for-profits.

Helen is also a certified life coach, blending strategy and systems with a strong focus on empowering her clients to create a life on their terms, making great money doing meaningful work they love.





Some of the entrepreneurs, brand’s and organisations Helen has worked with.


Helen helped me formulate the steps to get the design of my product finalised, my website up and running and marketing underway. So, it’s safe to say that Helen helped me prioritise and get my product launched. I am so so happy and grateful for Helen’s guidance. It feels amazing!

~ Kellie Sims, Founder The Harmony Planners


I’ve gone from having an idea, but no clear plan or product, to having a very clear plan for the next 12 months, two completed coaching products and even my first three clients in just three months! So right now, I’m over the moon and feeling confident and positive about the future.”

~ Melitta Campbell, The Business Coach for Female Entrepreneurs


“I had seen Helen speaking at a number of events and was impressed with her in depth knowledge of marketing.

Wow. Helen came over to our office and her ideas ideas were nothing short of amazing! She got us straight away. We quickly integrated her initial ideas into our business and have been working with Helen ever since.

We have recently run our first seminar which we would never have done without Helen’s support and guidance. This has been amazing for our profile.

I would strongly recommend Helen if you need to get really moving on marketing and marketing strategy.”

~ Christine Marr, Founder & Director of Bookssorted 2018 Award Winner, Canberra Women In Business


“Helen’s coaching has fast-tracked my businesses and it has allowed me to learn from an expert, rather than learning from my own mistakes.
My business has become so much more streamlined. Now I am clear about what I want and what I need to do to get there. Working with Helen gave me practical, real-life, hands-on guidelines to progress my business. I feel that I have worked hard and strategised with an expert so I am no longer doubting myself or my decisions.
I couldn’t recommend Helen highly enough. She is practical, efficient, smart and holds you accountable in a gentle way.”

~ Kady O’ Connell Brand Specialist & Founder of Kady Creative and Kady’s Kitchen


My advice to anyone who wants to uncover and uplevel your business by serving with clarity and from the heart is to work with Helen. She will be your biggest asset. She is nurturing, knowledgeable, and with a business savvy that is second to none!”

~ Linda Brown, Money Mentor and Founder Spire Business

You made it. To the very end. I’m impressed:) No half-baked plans with you! So let’s get started. You’ll find your Power Hour right here.