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The Three Essential R’s of Storytelling to Really Connect with Your Audience

30 November, 2018

Storytelling to connect with your audience Helen Roe

Storytelling is such a buzz in business these days. But why? There are two things that you need from your audience to build a business. Trust and attention. These are the building blocks of any business. Without trust and attention we can have the best product or service in the world. And nobody will care. In this post I’ll share how to earn this trust and attention by using the three essential R’s of storytelling to connect with your audience.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories that you tell.”

~ Seth Godin

Sharing your story in business can be a little daunting. Questions like ‘Who wants to hear all about me?’ and  ‘Isn’t this supposed to be all about the customer?’ pop up. As an introvert I’ve battled this one on occasion.

It comes down to relationships. Think about it, we know human emotion influences buying behaviour. Neuroscience confirms it, we buy based on how we feel. Why then do we sell solely on the rational mind, the facts and figures?

One of the best ways to reach your client or customer on an emotional level is by sharing your story. Who you are. What you stand for. Your values, beliefs and passions. In essence, your brand story.

Here are three essentials to help you share your story effectively.

Keep it Relevant

Sharing your story could be the start of something great. Or it could be the start of a long rant with no ending. Decide which parts of your story are relevant to your audience and share these. People care most about things that affect them and that they can relate to.

Is there a struggle you know they have, that you’ve experienced? Have you felt like giving up and overcome a challenge? Have you a win to share that could inspire your audience on their journey?


Keep it Real

Yes it can be very tempting to amplify your story. And I don’t just mean with special sound effects. I’m sure you’ve heard a story told more than once and each time it starts to sound a little different right? That’s not what we are aiming for. Your story has to be authentic (overused but no other accurate replacement, sorry) and true.

Truth is at the heart of every good story.

So keep your story honest and real. Just how you remember it. Genuine and delivered from a place of no expectation. Not from your head but from your heart. That’s when your audience will connect with you.


Keep it Relatable

Have you ever listened to a story and felt like you were practically there, in the story? Someone who does this extremely well is Lisa Nichols. Her stories envelop you and whilst her background may be very different to yours or mine, she identifies the emotions we all experience. Rejection, loss, fear, courage, motivation and more.

Your story must relate to emotions your listener also experiences. Then they will get it. And get you. Ask yourself, in that experience, what were you thinking? What were you feeling? What were you seeing?


Every single thing you do in your business will be effected by storytelling. Paint that picture and play the movie. And incorporate these three elements of storytelling to really connect with your audience.

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