Unleash & Uplevel


It’s time to quit playing small, increase your presence, 

own your value and accept more abundance.

You know you have way more to give. Not in a ‘must work harder sense’ but in a ‘I want that’ sense, as other boss ladies skyrocket past.

You sense a much greater possibility and know, just know, you are capable of bigger things.

You see the possibilities but are stuck between the vision and the reality of making it happen.

You’re confused about how to package your work in a way that your clients get and want to invest. And see the value in what you do.

You seem to be working more hours yet have less clients and income to show for it.

And it’s really challenging selling what you do, capturing it all in one ‘offer’ without overdelivering and feeling completely burnt out.


Oh yes, that all sounds very familiar to me. Because having gone through it all (and survived) I can tell you that it DOES NOT have to be this hard.

The secret is simple.


It’s really not about what you do but how you do it.


Throwing more effort and hours into the mix is not going to fix it.

Here’s what will.




A Group Coaching Program that Unleashes The Leader Within You & Uplevels Your Business. In 90 Days.

If you’re ready to play a bigger game, unleash old limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and uplevel your presence, your personal power and your business, then read on.


Unleash & Uplevel is a powerful mix of results driven strategy, structure and self-awareness. Yes you heard me right with that last bit. For so long I’ve been the left brain logical get it done kind of person.


But that only got me so far. My mindset struggled. And ultimately so did the bottom line in my bussness. I sabotaged my growth and kept myself small.


When I started to merge ME into my business everything shifted. How we show up is a direct reflection of what’s going on inside our heads. Mastering our mindset is key. And THIS is where the real change happens and your true magnificence starts to emerge.

In Unleash & Uplevel I invite you to choose courage over comfort.

I ask the difficult questions and guide you towards finding the answers.

And THEN you create the magic.

It’s a beautiful process that you share with fellow female entreprenuers just like you, who are ready to dial up their presence, their power and their business.


“Before we began working together I needed help creating a Signature Offer for my coaching clients. I wanted to create something that they would find irresistible and would catapult them into the abundant life they desired.
Through our work together, I was able to get crystal clear on my brand, my ICA and create an amazing signature offer that I cannot wait to share with the world! I feel like I have achieved an incredible amount and for the first time feel really aligned with exactly what I am offering.
Helen is an amazing coach! She has an incredible talent for helping people market their skills and expertise! She is knowledgeable, supportive and incredibly giving.”

~ Juliette Kristine, Intuitive Guide & Coach, Juliette Kristine


What You Receive When You Join Unleash and Uplevel


TOTAL VALUE   $5,999


PLUS Permission to play bigger, step up and be the feminine role model, leader and successful entrepreneur you are meant to be! Priceless.



3 Monthly Payments of AUD $479

OR One Upfront Payment in Full of AUD $1,297 (save $140)




“My goals started to come to life. Helen cracked me open to my best working potential.

Being a solo business owner can be isolating and it was wonderful to have Helen by my side to be a sounding board for all my ideas. As my business coach, Helen understood me and my vision and I was also accountable to her. This work isn’t easy. Helen assisted me to be really clear about my goals and vision in business and brought clarity to what my signature offers look like, to best serve my clients.

Helen is a systems woman! I love how organised and professional Helen is. When it’s your business, your baby, you want to make sure that you are working with a passionate business woman who truly cares about your business as much as you do.”

~ Amy Erbacher, Holistic Practitioner and Coach at Amy Erbacher Lifestyle


“Before working with Helen I was lacking in business confidence and direction. Helen nurtured my potential and gave me the confidence to believe that my message was unique and worth pursuing at a high level.
I embraced the power of building my personal brand. Helen’s guidance helped me create my own unique marketing message and get it out into the world.
Helen is a professional through and through, she walks her talk and inspires professionalism. Her work is concise and heartfelt. She is absolutely the go-to girl if you ever want anything planned, packaged and perfected. She is a beautiful person to have on your team.”

~ Wendy McMurdo, Creator of the Contented Life Method


100% Satisfaction Guarantee


I’ve made this investment as affordable as possible for you because I believe in this work and how it will transform your business. And you will thrive in the process. No burnout here.

To help make the decision even easier for you I offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you for some reason are not satisfied (sad face, not going to happen don’t worry) then you can request a refund.

Refunds are not offered for change of mind, and are available within the first 14 days only with proof of program participation and exercise completion.




A comprehensive Welcome Packet to help you settle in, get clear on your intentions for the program and set you up for real results. Welcome!


Module 1



::  Embrace empowering beliefs to transform your mindset, bolster your self belief and potential and accelerate your growth.




Module 2


::  When you work from your zone of genius, everything flows. We perfect your genius zone, focusing on aspects of your business that you do best, leading to your ideal business and lifestyle.



Module 3


::  This is the essential piece to the puzzle before you market what you do. You’ll get clarity around your presence, your communication, your target audience and how you to reach them with ease.


Module 4


::  We craft your authentic message that clearly positions you as the expert, communicates what you do, why you are different and attracts more of your ideal clients. Your confidence is now soaring.


Module 5



Kady O Connell of Kady Creative and Kadys Kitchen

“Kady is an art director, brand strategist, food photographer and author. Her extensive experience in graphic design and photography has taken her around the globe. These days, the holistic lifestyle she leads in Bondi, Sydney, has paired Kady with clients such as The Fit Foodie, Brenda Janschek and JSHealth by Jessica Sepel.


Kady has an innate understanding of brand strategy, with all the skills to bring your visions to life. It’s this unique blend of design, photography and digital savvy that has propelled Kady Creative into the thriving business it is today.”



Whether you have just created your brand or could welcome a quick refresh, Kady’s tips and tricks are perfect to inject a new lease of life into your new offer. All in alignment with you and your unique brand.


Module 6


:: Create a signature package that makes your heart sing and your clients sign up! Steps and structure to capture your work so clients really get it AND want it!.


Module 7


:: Continue to build your irresistible offer. Pricing and promoting, with all the extras. Create a solid ‘getting the word’ out plan to market this baby!



Module 8



Jess Ruhfus Founder of Collabosaurus



“Collabosaurus is the matchmaker for brands. Since starting the platform in 2015, Collabosaurus now houses over 3500+ opportunities for large and small brands alike, spreading across 5 countries. Jess has shared her expertise with Apple, General Assembly, ADMA, The Collective Hub & The College of Event Management, speaking on all things collaborations and marketing.

Collabosaurus connects complementary brands for powerful cross promotions and collaborations in events, social media, product and referral partnerships. It makes finding and negotiating creative partnerships simple, streamlining the partnership process.”


No more time consuming directionless networking, with nothing to show for it. Collaboration is your key to building your profile and presence with strategic partnerships that take less time, less money and offer measurable results.


Module 9


:: Systems and Automation to support and sell your offer. Client Intake Surveys, Contracts, Opt In’s, Landing pages, Email sequences and Scripts to streamline your workflow, build your audience, connect with and convert your clients.


Module 10


:: Go from hiding out and struggling with sales conversations to standing out and signing up clients, with ease and grace. Yes please!


Module 11



Ingrid Tomanovits, Consultant & TEDxCanberra Licensee


Ingrid is an experienced leader, skilled educator and exceptional facilitator. When she’s not consulting to private and public sector executives on strategy development and program design, Ingrid is showcasing some of the most creative, innovative and inspiring leaders at events through TEDxCanberra.

Ingrid leads this not-for-profit business, guiding strategic direction, producing sold out events, leading hundreds of volunteers, curating content and liaising with media, partners, stakeholders and venues.

Ingrid shares with us her wealth of knowledge on what it takes to step into leadership with your unique message and speak with true presence.


Upskill and uplevel in how you show up as a leader and business owner. A new confident you with a magnetic presence and a clear message that others want to hear.


Module 12


:: Pull it all together and strengthen your signature offer. Receive extra support and feedback on your message and marketing so you can be ready for launch and big pay days!




“Queen of marketing, queen of copy, queen of blogging and all things sass! There are so many perks to having the help and guidance of a good marketer like Helen. I have learnt so much by having Helen involved in my business, from start to finish. The result is a very polis

hed brand andwell-positioned dance studio, offering a range of irresistible classes to the Dance Central family.

Someone who is genuinely passionate and authentic is hard to find these days so when you find someone like Helen, you either tell everyone about them or keep them a big secret in your back pocket!”

~Julie Scheer, Founder and Director of Dance Central 




Before working with Helen I was a solopreneur with way too many ideas to wrangle by myself. I needed someone to help me turn passionate ideas into sustainable business actions. Helen helped with that.

Helen took the time to really listen and learn about my unique business.  Having Helen on my team has been great support – she tells me straight and we have lots of fun. I love that!

~ Jennifer Thompson, Engaging Solutions







My missing links are all now connected. Helen assisted with the creation of my totally achievable income, business planning, where to head next and what to do in my new journey of success that is already progressing.

What I now have is all the missing savvy business skills that I needed to move forward.


Anne Fairhurst



“Right from the start, Helen understood where I was coming from. With a compassionate and intuitive heart and a savvy mind, KatePamphilonHelen threw my thinking out of the box from constriction to expansion and possibility. I had resources of all kinds from Helen to continue my learning. I felt comfortable sharing my struggles with Helen and she gave me tools to work through them.

Helen’s expertise has meant that my valuable time has been spent expanding my business in a way that is authentic to me and my vision. I’m about to launch and I know that Helen’s right there with me, her words of encouragement echoing in my mind. “

~ Kate Pamphilon, Kinesiologist at Holistic By Nature




You are Investing In Results

Here’s some outcomes I will mentor you to create, when you play full out, show up and do the work.


:: Laser Clarity on Your Audience and Where to Find an endless Supply of them.

:: Learn how to Design Your Offers and Services to attract high end Clients that Invest.

:: Position yourself as the Expert in your Field creating massive credibility in the eyes of your Clients and Prospects.

:: Generate Magnetic Presence and Marketing Messages that motivate and build a raving following.

:: Facilitate Sales Conversations with Integrity, connecting with and converting clients with Ease.


Most group programs offer little one on one support.

You get this and more in the weekly calls with me and if you miss them (as life happens sometimes) they are recorded and available for you online to access anytime.

Imagine knowing that for 2018 you are hitting the ground running with a clear plan and steps to start ramping up your business right away.


Who is the Unleash & Uplevel Group Program for?

:: Business owners and entrepreneurs who are committed to change, doing the work and expecting bigger things in your business.

:: Women entrepreneurs who have a business online but feel overwhelmed and uninspired by what they are offering and are not getting the business growth they hoped for.

:: Whether you’re just beginning your business or you’ve been in business a while and aren’t making the money you desire, Unleash and Uplevel will offer you the business foundations and expansion you need.


Who is the Unleash & Uplevel Group Program NOT for?

:: Business owners and entrepreneurs who are not committed to change or shifting perspectives in your business.

:: Course junkies who are looking for a silver bullet solution to grow their business. Hint – it doesn’t exist.

:: Followers who play safe and are happy doing the same old thing, hoping for change.







About Helen Roe


Helen Roe is a Business Growth Strategist and Success Coach for mission-driven entrepreneurs who want to lead an extraordinary life, doing work they love. She helps mentors, consultants and service professionals price, package and present their services to generate lasting presence and profit.

Helen has twenty years international marketing management and business development experience with global brands. She held senior management positions with brands such as Coca Cola, Nivea, Colgate Palmolive, Jergens and John Frieda.

She now incorporates these A-list strategies helping the new wave of conscious women entrepreneurs around the world to cultivate success and abundance in their business and life. Helen is also a certified life coach, blending strategy and systems with a strong focus on empowering her clients to create a life on their terms, making great money doing meaningful work they love.