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VIP Business Intensives


VIP Intensive Days

Premium One to One Business Mentorship that

ignites the heart of your business.


If you’re ready to catapult your business and finally put some life back into your lifestyle business, then a VIP business intensive is for you.

Shrink the timeframe, quit wasting time, take action and get results now.

You’re a coach, wellness expert or other service professional.

You’re working harder but it’s not translating. You dream of more clients, financial freedom and living a life you love.

Instead you’re feeling stuck and overwhelmed or even worse, contemplating return to your corporate cubicle!
Together in your one-day private intensive we’ll map out your step-by-step six figure business success model for 2017.

Get clarity on your unique offerings and the guidance and support to start selling your irresistible packages to the world straight away.



“So much was achieved. The openings I’ve had in the past few weeks are mind blowing.

My missing links are all now connected. Helen assisted with the creation of my totally achievable income, business planning, where to head next and what to do in my new journey of success that is already progressing.

What I now have is all the missing savvy business skills that I needed to move forward.

I could not have acquired all Helen has provided any other way.”

~ Anne Fairhurst
VIP Intensive Client


“Before my VIP Intensive day with Helen I was feeling quite stuck and not sure what to do next to move my business forward for bigger impact and income.

The whole day was amazing. Helen really listened to me and guided me to fully communicate what my new coaching program is all about. She helped me to articulate it in a way that feels authentic and right for me, identifying my unique strengths and incorporating these into my work to really make my client offers stand out. She helped me create a communication plan that gave me so much clarity not only on my new coaching program, but on my intentions, values, why I really love what I do and what it means for my clients.

Thank you so much Helen, I now feel that I have exactly what I need to confidently take my business to the next level. And I’m so excited about it all!”

~ Deanne Kalda, Director, Maa Organics Pty Ltd


“Right from the start, Helen understood where I was coming from. With a compassionate and intuitive heart and a savvy mind, KatePamphilonHelen threw my thinking out of the box from constriction to expansion and possibility. I had resources of all kinds from Helen to continue my learning. I felt comfortable sharing my struggles with Helen and she gave me tools to work through them.

Helen’s expertise has meant that my valuable time has been spent expanding my business in a way that is authentic to me and my vision. I’m about to launch and I know that Helen’s right there with me, her words of encouragement echoig in my mind. “

~ Kate Pamphilon, Kinesiologist, Author, Complementary Medicine Practitioner at Holistic By Nature



“Helen has been amazing guiding me in the process of refining my packages I offer to clients and generating more connection with past and potential clients.

She utilised great tools to visually map out this personal and business connection to evolve into the basis for my marketing plan.

Contact Helen, be ready to open yourself to evolving how you currently work and be brave to try new approaches to how you sell yourself, run your business and embrace your own voice in everything you do. The gorgeous accent helps too!!

~ Tracy Lee, Tracy Lee Photography



VIP intensive format

Set in comfort and luxury of an exclusive hotel, your intensive is the perfect way to fast track your business.

Skype sessions are also available.

Before your day, you complete an in-depth welcome packet so we are both on the same page in terms of your goals for the session and future business vision.

Your intensive is uniquely tailored to you and your business.

We work with purpose and intention (don’t you love those days?) to prepare a map and step by step action plan to catapult your business.

You perfect who you serve, what you offer, how you present it and connect with your perfect customers. Otherwise known as business structures, sales and marketing. No more crossroads and wondering which way to turn next for inspiration. Clients will come knocking on your door.

It’s action, all the way.


Let’s collapse time and accelerate your business, in one intensive, results focused day.


Your uniquely tailored private VIP Business Intensive includes:

:: An detailed welcome pack for you to complete in advance of your intensive, to ensure we are both on the same page in terms of your goals for the session and your vision for your business.

:: A private one on one Full Day business coaching intensive (6 hours). This takes place in a luxurious hotel suite in your chosen city. Includes a beautiful lunch and light refreshments during the day, with ample breaks.

:: My essential Resource Library of guides, templates and go-to’s to help keep you on track and achieve your goals.

:: Email access and support for 10 days after your intensive date to ensure you’re supported and guided every step of the way.


You can expect results in the following areas:

We laser in on who you serve and where you can find them. This is like nothing you’ve done before, essential to nail before moving forward. Getting customer clarity determines the direction of every decision you make in your business.


Your brand, your message, your voice. You become visible. We’ll perfect your online presence with a 90 day Marketing Plan that supports a six figure business. Includes marketing structures and tools tailored to your personal brand.


No more tough masculine, hard sell that feels ick. We step into your glorious feminine power. Which translates as you just being totally you. You learn to create sales conversations that convert with some sales coaching and helpful templates. Heartfelt and real. Sales that feels, well, pretty awesome actually!


Together we create offers that tap into your zone of genius. We package and price your offerings, in a way that works for you and that your clients will find irresistible. No more undercharging or questioning your value!


Your mindset is what sets you on your path to success. Learn how to transform self sabotage and inner doubts into confidence and self mastery. Be visible, be present and be heard. No more staying in the shadows, you know you’re capable of so much more.

It’s time for your powerful transformation.

Let’s do this!




Questions? Book your complementary Discovery Call with Helen to learn more and see if a VIP Business Intensive is right for you. Get in touch here.


Who is the VIP Business Intensive for?

This one on one intensive is for you if:

:: You’re in business at least a year but are not hitting your financial goals or getting the clients you desire.

:: You want accelerated growth and a fast track to your success with instant actionables and fast results.

:: You’re ready to work smarter not harder to get your business ‘unstuck’ but need guidance and expertise to get you there.

:: You want more clarity on your signature offerings and business model so you can confidently start attracting more dream clients today.

:: You’re ready to switch from surviving to thriving mode, take committed action and believe you deserve your success.

:: You’re ready to fast track your business and commit to a full day of getting it done!

This one on one intensive is NOT for you if:

:: You’re new to business and are just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey.

:: You have a product based business.

:: You prefer to take things at a slower pace and do things in your own time. In which case my 90 Day Coaching package would be better suited.

:: You don’t enjoy a fast paced work environment that’s results focused and where we get things done!

:: You’re happy to keep doing the same old thing, play it safe, wishing and hoping for change.


Are you Ready to shift gears, create more freedom and abundance and finally take your business out of the shadows and into the limelight?


Your Investment is AUD $1,200.

All Investments are charged in Australian Dollars. Prices listed are ex GST.

What are you waiting for? Your future is made up of the decisions you make today.






“Helen has a unique and fresh way of approaching business and sales. I’ve been inspired to think outside the box, with some new approaches that don’t seem so daunting!

Helen listens to your business needs and suggests practical and useful solutions. This inspiration has also given me renewed confidence in marketing my business. She has a big heart!”


~ Virginia Wells, Get Well Sorted



“Helen helps you express your business with total confidence and makes your product sound amazing; none of the holding back or resisting that you would find trying to express it by yourself.

She works fast, is responsive and from the beginning got what I was trying to achieve in my business. She completely met my expectations.”

~ Siobhan Palmer, Dinner Rush